Windmill Bar 4/5 

Today I'm paying at the windmill bar. What an amazing view. I love it. The staff is fun and there is a little bit of island in every bite of the beautiful dishes coming from the kitchen, I can smell those burgers now.


Today the show is at the Salty Mongoose. I LOVE THE NAME, it makes me smile. Sitting in the sunshine with friends, singing songs that makes us feel good and that remind us to love one another. Yeah, this is gonna be good. The owner of the venue is really relatable and has the coolest name, “Tarzan.” Did I mention he drives my “dream keep?” Maybe he will let me drive it in the parking lot or at least take a photo in it. 
Anyway, St John I’ll see you at 3ish o’clock for a 4pm show. #islandlife #StjMakesYouFeelGood #KennyFloyd #KFTIPJAR

Social Media 

We had this idea. Why not break up the social media so people can participate ONLY as they like. We are still working on the categories but wanted to release this part today. So, with that, we introduce our "Events" page which is currently held on Facebook.  Please find the link below. CheersKF KF Live Tonight

Morning all 

It's time to get it going. First cup is down the hatch and now it's time to get-a-clicking. Let's see where today takes us. Oh. by the way, this is the page that my podcast is going to live on. It's a fixer upper, but its got LEGS! (um, that means that there are a lot of things that are possible for the page.LOL)  I'm working on "lingo." Looking fro the Keys to open the doors to the new Facebook thingy.


Hello from  

There is so much going on right now and it is all super positive. I'm getting ready to move Facbook pages which will help me insure I can keep in contact with all of my friends.  I will post link here when it’s ready.  


Island bound 

We started looking at some island dates and off course you know I can't sleep now because I am ready  to “#ocean" for a while and see some faces. 

New site on the way 

With so many things going on, a new site seems like a great idea. Stay tuned for new features and content. 


Found a place in STT to rent during season.  

Dear Awesome venues, bars. restaurants, beach bars, and performance areas. I officially found and secured a modest living space in St. Thomas. I will be able to be on island on a more regular basis. I have heard from several venues and booking will begin soon. January is gonna be crazy!!! PS. ...NYE What we doing?