Dear Carolinas 

I was born in South Carolina. Every flame of love I have was first sparked in me in my home state of S.C. North Carolina was were I  had to prove myself as a musician/entertainer within an enormously talented music scene. I wrote a song some time ago called “Carolina Dreaming.” That song captures a moment in time when I was performing between the two “Carolina States.”  As I travel, I always think about the people and that part of my life. Gracious and humble are those that share with family and friends. It is my honor to share with you one of the biggest loves of my life, The Carolinas. I am proud to introduce to you, the "Carolina Dreaming" hoodie.  CLICK HERE

Music is up 

So excited to get these albums up. Oh the memories 

Finally in motion 

Hoodies are here, well sort of. It's almost hoodie time. Great new designs, song title hoodies, tech hoodies, and a few catchphrases. Demos came in last week and I am so excited about the possibilities. 

New Youtube channel has started 

I have been working on the new youtube page and the new cover photos for all the new content. It is so much easier to stay motivated if you have a place to showcase your work. I think I am off to a great start.The Youtube page is up and running with three new videos already. And the crowd goes WILD. 


Well here we go I am excited to get started. Welcome to the site.